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A promotional film needing to how much be?

2015-05-14 12:37:28 MOVIE & TELEVISION Read
Publicity is through the propaganda of enterprise culture, products and other aspects of information, enhance corporate image, brand awareness, increase sales. As a favorable way of corporate propaganda, more and more enterprises pursued. Seven. Movie summed up to shoot a promo need how many money?
First, creative and innovative added value: promo is a creative soul is product of the group as a whole "brainstorming", is the essence of the promo, a good idea can Promo icing on the cake, after repeated efforts, come up with good ideas, but also the focus point is placed at the creative added value, that is, to realize the idea, produced by the overall operation of the project costs.
Secondly, the demand of the enterprise Promo: demand determines supply, the customer must according to the actual situation of the enterprises themselves, to want to make what kind of movies have a relatively clear concept. Promo price without lump together according to the actual situation, and which, according to the actual needs of the. Therefore, whenever the customer to consult us do a promo fees, our staff will always patiently to you introduced several types and different grades of "packages", then from clients are decided to choose what kind of "package." When the needs of customers, we will be according to their years of work experience, to the customer put forward reasonable suggestions, so as to realize the price of the highest.
Again, promotional filming equipment: a soldier on the battlefield must hang the gun, in addition to its superb combat skills, a sophisticated gun also often can be help you defeat the enemy. If the filming promo is a battle, then, is the equipment battlefield gun in their hands. Matching complete, quality high-end equipment can often be shot out of the picture is better film to ordinary equipment can not match the height. Here, the equipment is not only that the shooting equipment, including technical personnel. Technical personnel and equipment is the separation, people, things, to take a a rich content for the high quality of the propaganda film, even can have the effect of the shock of the soul.
Finally, post editing effects compositing: in the propaganda film post production, editing, special effects and synthesis through the specialized technical personnel, such as background music, 2D and 3D animation. The details of these things may seem small, actually on the publicity effect of an immeasurable effect.
A film of the price positioning factors and various needs, creative, equipment, etc. the combination for late. Only under the premise of comprehensive consideration of these factors, making enterprises and joint consultation, and then determine the promo reasonable price, so that production enterprises and achieve a win-win situation, and to lay a good foundation for the next cooperation.
Therefore, the propaganda of quotation generally according to the script creating, shooting period, use of the equipment, make the difficulty and the actor level some of the factors that determine, offer specific piece of propaganda can call consultation!
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