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The enterprise image propaganda film how to locate?

2015-05-14 12:40:01 MOVIE & TELEVISION Read
Image planning, image design, image positioning is an important part of enterprise Promo production, of which the main is the image positioning, the enterprise Promo production image positioning, how to locate? Today by seven video you understand this knowledge.
When it comes to corporate image positioning, first of all we want to know what is the corporate image positioning, it is a unique image and status of the unique spirit of enterprise, culture or management style formed in the public mind, it points to three aspects of corporate positioning, market positioning and product positioning today from the three links for everybody to speak their respective significance:
First, corporate positioning: refers to the overall image formation in the eyes of the public enterprises. Its location is determined in many aspects, such as market macro marketing environment, enterprise's own strength, target areas and operating style, and competitor status, the need according to the overall analysis, exhaustive, and then to the enterprise to a unique positioning.
Second, the market positioning: is that on their own products sales groups were analyzed, and determine the position of competitors and the strength of their own business objects and operating style, this should be according to the product characteristics and customer groups to accurate market positioning.
Third, product positioning: is that more account of the consumer's preferences and the strength of enterprises, and psychographic formulated unique stand marketing, easy to be accepted by the sales people unique product positioning.
To a brand-name enterprises must have their own brand, brand to have brought about by the premium, the increment is an enormous intangible assets. Film seven professional brand promotion, enterprise Promo production, to help enterprises in the business competition come to the fore, invincible!
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