About Us

Seven film is a professional engaged in film and television production planning and media organizations, including enterprise promo, TVC, film image of the city, micro film, 3D animation planning, shooting and production. For customers to provide professional one-stop video solutions, for customers to provide unique brand image. We always uphold the treat each department works with professional, dedicated attitude, we have composed of planning, directing, filming, editing, animation, voice, etc. a series of high-end talent team of professional film and television. To innovation pilot posture solidified as the industry price high, execution, credibility of innovative well-known film and television agencies. We uphold the principle of the enterprise, product, market, culture and design unique and precise understanding to tailor-made philosophy for the customer provides cater to the taste of the market and reflect the spirit of enterprise services, for your business and products to achieve conformity to market is expected to promote the brand is our consistent service standards.
We through the study of understanding user's value view, thinking, behavior, confusion and expected, mining users of the potential demand for products, based on the demand of the user experience, through service experience in the different market and industry customers, combined with advantages of localization user re design, let users in the emotion, behavior and cognition to repeat the experience of product innovation.
We are a child passion innovation team. We will design through vivid emotional expression comes out, the user and the product naturally connected together, allowing users to use a pleasant mood to try the product, in order to strengthen the embodied cognition of product = brand! We as the director of emotion, through the design of transceiver vividly demonstrate the, with a full of emotional designed to impress users!
The future
Provide solutions for the brand, a one-stop customer. The service covers the Internet, handheld mobile devices, desktop platform and electronic consumer products etc.. To provide customers from the brand design, concept design, interaction design, visual design and graphical interface design to the final product. The accumulated over the years in the field of multi item design experience to provide forward-looking products and real originality experience for customers.
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